October 28, 2013:
VETERAN AWARD-WINNING FILMMAKER JESUS TREVINO’S terrific website, LATINOPIA has done a wonderful interview with “Tales of Masked Men’s” Producer / Director Carlos Avila about the making of the film and other aspects of lucha libre and lucha culture. Be sure to check it out and to check out the other videos on this great and informative website:                                                                                                                                                                  


October 21, 2013: Fox News
A TERRIFIC SPANISH LANGUAGE ARTICLE BY EDUARDO SANTANA for FOX NEWS LATINO about the “Tales of Masked Men” screening at the “HEART OF LUCHA” Art and Culture Exhibition on Oct. 19, 2013 in San Diego, California.


September 14, 2013: Decisive

“TALES OF MASKED MEN” was given a nice shout out by the DECISIVE LATINO website as one of the TOP DOCUMENTARIES to see during Hispanic Heritage Month 2013. Check out their article here:


August 26, 2013: Raging
THE GOOD PEOPLE AT RAGING NERDS have just posted an interview that “Tales of Masked Men” producer / director Carlos Avila recently did with them at last week’s Latino Comics Expo. It’s a fun interview and you can watch it here. Thanks to the Nerds!:


July 16, 2013:
LATINO PUBLIC BROADCASTING announces the re-broadcast this coming Fall of VOCES, the PBS series that originally featured “Tales of Masked Men.” Check out this cool trailer and see clips from “Tales” and the other wonderful films in the VOCES series!


June 20, 2013: Lucha
BREAKING NEWS: Our documentary film, “Tales of Masked Men” has been nominated for two IMAGEN AWARDS. The two nominations are for “Best Documentary / Film or Television” and “Best National Informational Program.” The awards honor portrayals of Latinos and Latino culture in TV and film. Here’s an article about the nominations: 


May 17, 2013: TELEMUNDO 52
TELEMUNDO 52 IN LOS ANGELES ran a segment about “TALES OF MASKED MEN” last night on their 11 pm newscast which features interview clips with “Tales” director / producer Carlos Avila and lots of clips from the film. Thanks again to Telemundo Producer Velia La Garda for her interest in the film!


February 19, 2013: Camel Clutch Blog
Terrific “TALES OF MASKED MEN” review by writer Steve Urena on the Camel Clutch Blog:


February 8, 2013:
“TALES OF MASKED MEN” WINS THE BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD 2013 at CINEFESTIVAL in San Antonio, Texas. Here’s a nice rundown of the upcoming CINEFESTIVAL screenings for “Tales of Masked Men” and the other great films funded by LATINO PUBLIC BROADCASTING that will be presented at the festival. The festival runs from February 23 – March 2, 2013.


January 16, 2013: Wide
FANTASTIC MENTION OF “TALES OF MASKED MEN” on Wide! Lots of pictures and links provided. Wide Lantern is a terrific website that reports on media and diversity. Check them out. Here’s the “Tales” link:


January 12, 2013:
AN EXCELLENT REVIEW FROM WRESTLEVIEW.COM: Writer Josh Boutwell writes that: “If you’ve ever been interested in or wondered about the world where Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, or Sin Cara came from then this is the documentary to watch…” Here’s the complete review (scroll down a little and you will see it):


January 8, 2013:
Writer JEREMIAH MASSENGALE gives a lengthy analysis of “Tales of Masked Men” on the POP MATTERS website. He gives the film a “DAMN GOOD” rating but the time he takes with reviewing the film is TREMENDOUS: Here’s the link:


January 5, 2013: Bajo Las
THE VIEW FROM MEXICO: DJ Spectro is essentially a walking encyclopedia of Lucha Libre. He is based in Mexico City and he just saw “Tales of Masked Men” a couple of night ago for the first time. It makes us proud to get such praise from someone we respect so much. Check out the link to see what DJ writes:


January 3, 2013:
NICE MENTION OF “TALES OF MASKED MEN” ON THE NEWS TACO (The Daily Latino) website. We’d not heard of this site before but we think they’re great now! Check it out:


January 2, 2013: Inside
TERRIFIC REVIEW BY SCOTT KEITH of “TALES OF MASKED MEN” from the INSIDE PULSE WRESTLING website. He calls the film: “…a really refreshing look at wrestling… Highly, highly recommended…” Here’s the link:


December 17, 2012: Ringside at Skull
A WONDERFUL AND DETAILED article about “Tales of Masked Men” on the “Ringside At Skull Island” Blog. Check out the link here:


November 18, 2012:
Writer Alan W. Petrucelli has fun with his review of “Tales of Masked Men” and PBS’s Home Video catalog in his article: “Midgets! Mother Nature! Marvelous Meals! Whoever Said PBS DVDs Were Dull.” Our favorite line from the article regarding the “Tales of Masked Men” DVD is “you’ll be fighting over this one…”


October 24, 2012: Loyola Marymount University
LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY, Tales of Masked Men’s director Carlos Avila’s undergraduate alma mater, ran a terrific features piece on Tales of Masked Men on their online magazine’s website. Writer Fred Puza did a wonderful job with the story. You can check it out here:


September 29, 2012:
Terrific review from, Australia’s Pro Wrestling site. Reviewer Jobber Joe writes, “Well produced and compelling from start to finish this is a great introduction to the world of Lucha Libre.” You can read his full review here:


September 28, 2012: WNET’s Inside Thirteen web page
New York’s big PBS Station WNET ran this Q & A with Tales of Masked Men Producer / Director Carlos Avila that they posted on their Inside Thirteen web page:


September 28, 2012: La Opinion
In Los Angeles’s Spanish language daily newspaper, LA OPINION, writer Martha Sarabia profiles the VOCES series that Tales of Masked Men is a part of. You can read this article here:


September 28, 2012: Slam Sports!
Greg Oliver, one of the most respected and prolific pro wrestling writers working, says, “PBS lucha libre documentary hits a hurricanrana (a spectacular wrestling move) ” in his review / interview piece on Tales of Masked Men. Check out the article here:


September 27, 2012:
Reviewer Bob Etier from writes “I did not expect that Tales of Masked Men would hook me from the very first scene and that I would find the subject of Mexican wrestlers, or luchadors, to be not only interesting, but fascinating and illuminating…” Read his great review here:


September 26, 2012: gives a great overview of the VOCES series of which Tales of Masked Men is a part:


September 26, 2012: HOY
Nice mention of Tales of Masked Men in the HOY newspaper. They give their readers a “heads up” about the PBS broadcast, you can check it out here:


September 26, 2012: Hartford Advocate
An insightful article about Tales of Masked Men from HARTFORD ADVOCATE, Connecticut’s Weekly paper. The article is by the Advocate’s John Adamian and you can read it right here:,0,6735335.story


September 25, 2012:
VOXXI REPORTER Griselda Nevarez has written a fantastic features piece on Tales of Masked Men. The article features some excellent photos of Tales of Masked Men Director / Producer Carlos Avila with some of the luchadores profiled in the film.


September 25, 2012:
Read an amazing “FIVE STAR” review of Tales of Masked Men by The Examiner’s Marvin Miranda here:


September 24, 2012:
Check out this article by syndicated columnist Esther Cepeda from the Washington Post writers group on Tales of Masked Men. The article includes a wonderful shout out to “Tales” Co-Producer and EDITOR Thom Calderón’s exceptional work editing the film.


September 24, 2012: South El Monte Arts Posse
Tales of Masked Men Director / Producer Carlos Avila had the chance to speak with the South El Monte Arts Posse after a screening at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes. Here’s the video interview, it runs about six minutes long.


September 6, 2012: New York Times
Nice mention of Tales of Masked Men and the VOCES series in New York Times as part of their Fall Preview of shows to look out for. We’re there, scroll down about halfway down the article.


September 5, 2012:  The Spectrum
Here’s a terrific article by Paul delos Santos that appeared in The Spectrum, a Southern Utah newspaper.


July 23, 2012: Lucha World
Lucha World announces Tales of Masked Men as part of PBS’s upcoming VOCES series:


July 19, 2012: Huffington Post
The Huffington Post announces “Tales of Masked Men” and VOCES as part of PBS’s Fall Line-Up.